Culture & Traditions

The unique culture of our community is in its Pride, Diversity, Harmony, Modesty, Adaptability, Bravery, and Innovativeness. This uniqueness has led to several celebrations, traditions, and customs, which are older than science and have been scientifically proved to be advantageous for mental and physical health.

Most of the families in our community are joint families (wherein the entire family i.e. parents, wife, children, and in some cases, relatives all live together)

This cohesive element of society helps in bringing minds together to create a happy life. Scientifically, the joint family system is said to reduce financial and mental stress and problems, in the long run.

Saadi and Dhoti are the basic traditional wear of the people in the olden days. But due to the modernization of the world, most of the fashionable clothes are being tried now a day. The major festivals we celebrate are Dasara (Dushera), Deepavali, Ashaad Aarati, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Sahasrajun Jayanti.

We follow traditional Vedic rituals during our lifetime. eg. rituals like deity pooja, Naamkaran, Botawa, Upanayana, Engagement, Gandh, Haldi, Magano, etc. (during marriage), Saatumas, Crematory rituals, Dashpinda, Shradh, etc.  

The dowry (the gift given during marriage in the form of money, gold, or wealth in any other form) system is strictly prohibited in our community which makes us proud. 

Savji food is famous for its very hot and spicy flavor. Yedami (Puri prepared from wheat flour & gram flour with green chilli). Khara bote (Salted), Khaima Unda (Kheema Balls) are special food of our community.

As a term of respect, males are appended as “SA” at the end of their names, eg.: Narayan-sa. Females are appended as “BAI”, eg. : Kamala-bai.

In our community, the ladies are treated with high respect in the family as well as in society.

The Rituals, Festivals, Celebrations, Food, and other information about our community are explained here in detail, under respective sections in forthcoming days.


Note : 

Culture means the “Way of life” of a group of people.

Culture represents the belief & practices of a group of people. 

Culture enhances the quality of life and increases the overall well-being of both individuals as a community.

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